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Meet the Skyview Learning Academy Team

  • "Miss Michele" Ray
    "Miss Michele" Ray

    Miss Michele founded the school in 2013 and has been running full steam ahead to keep up with the students ever since then! She and her husband Mick and their 3 kids, Sydney, Cameron and Trystan live on the same 20-acres that the school is located on. Miss Michele's dream was that her own kids could experience an education unlike they would find anywhere else and she is confident that she is reaching that goal at Skyview. Her love of nature and her passion for Jesus shines through each and every day. When she needs a break from office work she will often be found in her mudboots working in the chicken coop or out in the orchard.

  • "Miss Darian" Coffey
    "Miss Darian" Coffey

    Preschool Teacher
    Miss Darian grew up in Wahoo where she enjoyed playing softball, being involved in many clubs and the dance team, and spending time outside, especially at her Grandma's farm where she took care of the horses. After high school, she moved to southern Arizona where she finished her Bachelor's degree in mathematics education. Darian taught one year of preschool and then two years of middle school math. She eventually realized that you can't take the good life out of a person and moved back to Nebraska to be closer to her family and the things she loves. She has been teaching preschool since returning to Nebraska. Darian has completed her Master's degree in early childhood education from Grand Canyon University, and will finish her second one from UNO this summer. She fell in love with Skyview's learning philosophy and knew it would be a good fit! Darian enjoys being outside, traveling, cooking, completing projects around the house, spending time with her family, and playing card games.

  • "Miss Shannon" Chilson
    "Miss Shannon" Chilson

    Preschool & Kindergarten Teacher
    Miss Shannon has been in the education field since 1996 and has gained years of teaching experience at LPS and College View Academy. In her time off, she enjoys upcycling 'treasures' she finds on the roadside, Pinteresting, cooking, and being with her tribe.

  • "Miss Becca" Conditt
    "Miss Becca" Conditt

    1st & 2nd Teacher
    Miss Becca was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved around a lot but spent most of her growing up years in Texas and Indiana. Becca attended Union College in Lincoln and received her B.S. in Child Development and Services. Miss Becca has taught preschool for 20 years and is looking to start working on her masters in the near future. When Becca is not teaching, she enjoys reading, singing, arts and crafts, doing taekwondo, archery, being involved in theater and spending time with her family and her 3 boys.

  • "Miss Heather" Leuenberger

    3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Teacher

  • "Miss Linda" Glaser
    "Miss Linda" Glaser

    6th & 7th Teacher
    Miss Linda has 15+ years teaching experience, including 7 years of home-schooling, with 13 years of teaching grades 5 - 8. She is creative, a hard worker, and has high expectations of her students. She loves sports, especially football, and has coached basketball. She has 5 of her own children and now a blended family of 9. She also has 3 grandchildren, whom she likes to go visit in MN. Her husband, Ted, has lived in Lincoln for 35 years and works in real estate.

  • "Miss Eillet" Sipes
    "Miss Eillet" Sipes

    8th Grade & High School Teacher

  • "Miss Taylor" Callahan
    "Miss Taylor" Callahan

    Assistant Director
    8th Grade & High School Teacher

  • "Pastor Martin" Gomez
    "Pastor Martin" Gomez

    Youth Pastor, Counselor
    Martin grew up in Bakersfield, California, but has enjoyed living the good life in Nebraska since he moved here to attend Union College. He graduated with a BA in Theology with an emphasis in youth ministry—his passion is sharing the love of Christ with young people. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his new wife, Sara, being outdoors, and watching movies. He is excited to teach kids more about Jesus at Skyview!