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Skyview Learning Academy Team

  • "Miss Michele" Ray
    "Miss Michele" Ray

    Miss Michele founded the school in 2013 and has been running full steam ahead to keep up with the students ever since then! She and her husband Mick and their 3 kids, Sydney, Cameron and Trystan live on the same 20-acres that the school is located on. Miss Michele's dream was that her own kids could experience an education unlike they would find anywhere else and she is confident that she is reaching that goal at Skyview. Her love of nature and her passion for Jesus shines through each and every day. When she needs a break from office work she will often be found in her mudboots working in the chicken coop or out in the orchard.

  • "Miss Becca" Conditt
    "Miss Becca" Conditt

    Preschool & Kindergarten Teacher
    Miss Becca was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved around a lot but spent most of her growing up years in Texas and Indiana. Becca attended Union College in Lincoln and received her B.S. in Child Development and Services. Miss Becca has taught preschool for 20 years and is looking to start working on her masters in the near future. When Becca is not teaching, she enjoys reading, singing, arts and crafts, doing taekwondo, archery, being involved in theater and spending time with her family and her 3 boys.

  • "Miss Samantha" Mashburn
    "Miss Samantha" Mashburn

    1st - 3rd Teacher
    Samantha Mashburn has been an Early Childhood Educator since graduating from the University of Central Arkansas in 2010. While a fourth or second grade public school classroom is her "normal", she is excited about the opportunity to flex her teaching muscles in a multi grade classroom here at Skyview Learning Academy. She is proficient and up to date on current teaching methods and strategies including ELF for Reading and CGI for Math and hopes to implement both while working with her students. Classroom teaching is not Samantha's only experience with children, however. She has been working with and coaching children from ages 5-18 for over ten years. In fact, she moonlights as a part time cheerleading coach in Lincoln and even used to own her own competitive cheerleading business in Arkansas. The sale of the business brought her and her husband here to Nebraska, and they are loving the small town feel of the Star City. Samantha and her husband, of course, brought their two girls, Parker and Lincoln (not named after the town!), with them when they moved in May of 2017, and are excited to see what God has in store for them while they are here. In her limited spare time, Samantha enjoys volunteering at church, reading, and caring for animals.

  • "Miss Linda" Glaser
    "Miss Linda" Glaser

    4th - 7th Teacher
    Miss Linda has 15+ years teaching experience, including 7 years of home-schooling, with 13 years of teaching grades 5 - 8. She is creative, a hard worker, and has high expectations of her students. She loves sports, especially football, and has coached basketball. She has 5 of her own children and now a blended family of 9. She also has 3 grandchildren, whom she likes to go visit in MN. Her husband, Ted, has lived in Lincoln for 35 years and works in real estate. She is excited about teaching at Skyview!

  • "Miss Taylor" Callahan
    "Miss Taylor" Callahan

    7th - 9th Teacher